Bluebirds responsibility towards the Customers is laid out in THE CONDITIONS OF CONTRACT which is printed on the back of each Air Waybill and can also be found here.

Bluebird Nordic is only responsible for shipments on Bluebird Air Waybill. In case of e.g. imports to Iceland that originate on a different Airline and are on that Airline´s Air Waybill, any claim should be made directly to that airline.

In the event that a customer needs to submit a claim to Bluebird Nordic due to damages or delays to his/her shipments, or in the case of lost shipments, the claim and all supporting information should be sent by e-mail to [email protected].
Alternatively the claim along with supporting information can be sent by mail to:

Bluebird Nordic
Claims department
Hlidarsmari 12
201 Kópavogur, Iceland.

The claims must be submitted;
Within 14 days for claims due to damages
Within 21 day for claims due to lost cargo
Within 120 days for claims due to lost cargo

The claims must be accompanied with the following information:
1. Reason for the claim
2. Breakdown of the amount claimed
3. Copy of the Master Air Waybill
4. Proof of Delivery if applicable
5. Shipper ‘s invoice
6. Packing List
7. Temperature records (if the consignments traveled with temperature measuring devices)
8. Damage Report/ Survey Report
9. Photographs of the consignments showing the extent of the damage
10. Salvage value
11. Destruction Certificate
12. First written notice of complaint by the consignee Assignment of Rights/ Subrogation Receipt (if the claim has been brought by insurers)
13. Bank information for the transfer of the settlement.