Bluebird Nordic leases three Boeing 777-300ER

Bluebird Nordic leases three Boeing 777-300ER via its mother company Avia Solutions Group (ASG)

At the end of December 2021 Bluebird Nordic concluded Lease Agreements for three Boeing 777-300ER aircraft. At present, the Aircraft are in passenger configuration but will proceed for conversion in 2024 and will be utilised as cargo aircraft once the conversion is complete.

The Boeing 777-300ER is the world’s largest twinjet aircraft.  As a freighter, it is capable of carrying approximately 100 tons of cargo and is generally considered the most economical long-haul freighter available.

“The value of these leases are measured in hundreds of millions of USD, an achievement that Bluebird acknowledges would never have concluded without the assistance and support of its parent and sister companies. Through combined efforts, we have managed to secure wide-body aircraft for cargo haulage from 2024. Until then, Bluebird will operate the aircraft listed in our AOC as “preighters” and VIP/Corporate Pax”, Says Sigurður Agustsson, CEO of Bluebird Nordic. Two of the three aircraft can carry 60 tons of cargo as belly freight, but once converted will carry approximately 100 tons. “We are extremely confident about this investment and the opportunities it presents to Bluebird going forward.”

“If this goes as planned, we will likely add more widebodies to the Bluebird fleet,” says Gediminas Žiemelis, founder and Chairman of the Board of ASG. “With this investment, we are firmly placing ourselves in the wide body cargo ACMI. We are already one of the biggest ACMI companies in Europe and  our intention is to strengthen our position even further.”

About Bluebird Nordic

Bláfugl ehf, d.b.a. Bluebird Nordic was established in 1999 with an Icelandic AOC. At present, Bluebird has seven B737-400s, one B737-300 and one B737-800 cargo aircraft in operation. The delivery of the further B737-800’s is scheduled for the coming months.

Bluebird Nordic is a Wet Lease/ACMI provider in Europe and operates in partnership with companies such as DHL, UPS, Bridges Worldwide, ASL/FedEx, and many more. Bláfugl/Bluebird Nordic also operates its own cargo service to and from Iceland globally – mainly via UPS, Emirates, and Aer Lingus through interline agreements.

Bluebird is a family member of Avia Solutions Group, a leading aerospace services group with almost 100 offices and production facilities worldwide. ASG is significantly backed by the assets of over 7,000 highly skilled aviation professionals, serving more than 2,000 clients throughout Europe, Asia, North America, Australia, and worldwide.

Avia Solutions Group holds more than 500 licenses for its evolutionary range of activities across multiple business sectors. Its vast portfolio of services to clients include; aircraft leasing and trading, MRO services, business aviation and VIP airline procurement, charter and cargo aviation, pilot and crew training, recruitment services, together with multiple complementary services spanning a wide range of associated operations.

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