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In the ever changing world of aviation, flexibility and responsiveness is a key element to being successful. After years of experience working with major airlines, parcel companies and postal services where on time performance and reliability is at the essence, Bluebird Nordic has established itself as a strong, reliable and efficient partner to work with. The airline offers a wide range of services customized to each customer needs.

ACMI leasing

Bluebird Nordic has from the beginning offered ACMI (Aircraft, Crew, Maintenance and Insurance) leasing of its aircraft to other airlines. Under an ACMI Agreement, we provide our customers with a dedicated aircraft, which is fully crewed, maintained, insured and managed under our Air Operator Certificate (AOC) for an agreed period of time. The airline also offers customized solutions when required based on different leasing variations such as CMI, MI, AMI, AM and A. Whatever your requirements are, feel free to contact us and together we´ll find the best solution for your company.

Air Charters Flights

Bluebird Nordic offers wide range of charter services customized to customer needs. Anything from charter programs under ACMI terms to single all-inclusive charter flights. The airline is authorized to operate without restrictions within the European Union, due to Iceland’s membership in the European Economic Area. In addition Iceland has extensive bilateral agreements with various countries all over the world which gives the company great flexibility to provide services under its own flight numbers.

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